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Our Services

  1) Rewinding/repair of generator and motor (both AC & DC).

  2) Overhauling of generators and motor (both AC & DC).

  3) Bearing seating reconditioning for rotor shafts.

  4) Core restacking for stator and rotor etc....

Repair Shop Facility

  1) 20 tonne overhead crane.

  2) Rotor balancing machine.

  3) Rotor pole winding machine.

  4) Heating Oven.

        a) size 3500mm X 3500mm X 3500mm( 90KW )

        b) size 2400mm X 2400mm X 2400mm( 60KW )

  5) Hydraulic press.

        Diameter 2000mm

        Height 2500mm

        Load 200 Tonne

Machine Shop Facility

  1) Lathe :

        Big Size : Centre height 1600mm, Bed length 6000mm,

        Medium Size : Centre height 800mm, Bed length 4000mm,

        Small Size: Centre height 400mm, Bed length 1500mm,

  2) Milling machine (HMT Make)

  3) Surface grinding machine (HMT Make))

  4) Radial drilling machine.